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What is Concierge Counseling?

A concierge counseling practice is one which operates intentionally on a small scale and makes a hyper-individualized, client-centered approach the basis of treatment. 

The concierge counseling model provides an alternative to the problem-focused, sickness-based medical model. Treatment is not prescribed according to a predetermined set of prompts; care is provided based on the unique needs of members and their current life circumstances.

Because third-party payers(insurance companies) are not utilized, members enjoy responsive care not dependent on prior-authorizations.

Celebrity Counseling?

Those in the public eye are faced with unique circumstances when seeking mental health or emotional care. The stigma of mental illness creates an unfair burden for those who depend on performing at their peak. Whether you're an actor, an athlete, a politician or CEO you deserve the best care in the most sensitive, private, and flexible way. This is what I offer.

The Highest Degree of Privacy and Confidentiality

HIPPA laws protect your personal health information, however Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) are used to give you peace of mind that private details of your life outside of the counseling relationship remain protected. 

Exceedingly Flexible Scheduling 

Nights, Weekends, Holidays: scheduling to match your unique needs means you are never more than a phonemail, text, or quick session away from getting the reinforced support exactly when you need it.

Wide Array of Clinical Experience and Expertise

Having worked with kids, teens, adults, couples, and families I am keenly aware of how life difficulties impact people differently. My theoretical orientation puts my clients with an emphasis on attaining sustainable change. 


My Philosophy

I believe you are capable of overcoming the worst can throw at you. You are not a victim of your greatest fears, but a wielder of your greatest strengths.


When you've become accustomed to being in the public eye and attaining a high-level of success, fear of losing that success and fame can be debilitating. Using evidenced-based approaches of solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, I will support your journey through self-doubt and self-destruction.


You deserve healthy relationships, self-confidence, ongoing success in your pursuits, and happiness. 

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