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Kency Gilet, NCC, LMHC
Concierge Celebrity Counseling

Speciality Counseling for Special Circumstances 


Meet Kency

My name is Kency (Ken) Gilet. I'm a licensed mental health counselor and national certified counselor in private practice. I live in Western Massachusetts with my 3 kids and puppy Franklin. I believe that everyone deserves the very best mental health care, with the highest degree of privacy of sensitivity.

My Specializations

As an alternative to the traditional (sickness-based) medical model, I provide a hyper-individualized, client-centered approach to counseling. Placing you as the driver and me as a supportive, flexible navigator.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Stress anAnxiety Reduction

Divorce/Post-Divorce Counseling

Increasing Self-Confidence 

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Improving Life Satisfaction

What Clients Say

"Kency is consistently thorough in his assessments and making plans that work for me and my schedule.

Rachel W.


To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear.  

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